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The only off-the-shelf system that gives ferry operators a live, integrated view of a fleet’s operating environment, schedule, comfort and fuel performance.

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Live fleet location and detailed weather views

Integrated schedule, comfort and fuel performance tracking

Smart Estimated Time of Arrival

Historical journey analysis

Putting you at the centre of your ferry operations

A maritime operations management system built specifically for ferry operators.

Bring together ship location, schedule and local weather in one easy-to-use web-based interface. Identify operational issues in real-time and act before they impact your fleet's schedule and costs.

Want to dig deeper? Systematically analyse hundreds of previous trips to continuously improve your passenger's experience and your profits.

Get started today - no hardware required

MARINELINK-Fleet is built on shore-sourced ship position, schedule and weather data. Begin tracking your fleet’s on-time performance today, without installing any new on-board hardware.

Ready to take your ferries further?

MARINELINK-Sense is an affordable addition to MARINELINK-Fleet which enables you to track the comfort of your passengers in real-time.

MARINELINK-Smart is Austal's advanced smart ship advisory system. Machine learning algorithms provide ferry crews with real-time advice on trim, RPM and route to reduce fuel consumption and improve passenger comfort.

MARINELINK-Smart also connects directly to existing ferry monitoring and control systems, providing live feedback on fuel and 100’s of other operational data points for you to view in MARINELINK-Fleet.

On-board hardware

On-shore features

On-board features

On-board hardware

None required

On-shore features

  • Live fleet location
  • Schedule KPI tracking
  • Speed profile
  • Weather overlays
  • Smart ETA
  • Journey history

€ 99 per user per year

On-board hardware

  • Simple one-box installation
  • High frequency ship motions
  • Secure shore data transfer

On-shore features

  • Comfort KPI tracking
  • Comfort performance alerts
  • Data export

€ 999 per ship per year

On-board hardware

  • Connection to ship systems
  • Bridge display
  • Secure shore data transfer

On-shore features

  • Fuel KPI tracking 
  • Detailed ship data
  • Automated CO2 reports
  • 10 days per year of marine performance consulting

On-board features

  • Crew advice (trim, RPM, route)
  • Crew performance alerts

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Frequently asked questions.

What MARINELINK-Fleet can do for Ferry Operators

Do MARINELINK-Fleet, MARINELINK-Sense and MARINELINK-Smart work with non-Austal ships?

Absolutely. MARINELINK-Fleet requires no on-board hardware. MARINELINK-Sense provides independent motions and location measurement and only requires a 12-24V DC power connection. MARINELINK-Smart, which can provide full access to on-board ship data, can be configured to work with existing on-board monitoring and control systems.

How customisable is MARINELINK-Fleet?

MARINELINK-Fleet has been designed specifically for ferry operations teams. However if you have specific requirements on how information is displayed which aren’t met by the default display please contact support@marinelinkfleet.com and we’ll look at options for customising your dashboards. 

I would like to view data from other systems (such as on-board revenue and ticket sales) in MARINELINK-Fleet. Is this possible?

Absolutely. Please contact support@marinelinkfleet.com and we can explain the options for displaying third party data in MARINELINK-Fleet custom views.

Where is the metocean (waves, currents and wind) data gathered from and how accurate is this?

Weather information is provided by Tidetech. Validation information on Tidetech’s weather data is provided on their website.

Where is the ship location gathered from?

Ship AIS information is provided by VesselFinder.com. If MARINELINK-Sense or MARINELINK-Smart are installed location data is fed directly from these systems to MARINELINK-Fleet.

What is the update frequency and geographic coverage of ship location data?

Location data is requested at 1 minute intervals but depending on the ship’s AIS system and location may not be available at this frequency. AIS location information is available wherever there is AIS network coverage.

MARINELINK-Sense and MARINELINK-Smart both provide more accurate and frequent location data if installed. In addition MARINELINK-Smart and MARINELINK-Sense both have a "store and forward" capability, so will provide a complete history of ship location information back in to MARINELINK-Fleet whenever they have a communications connection.

How are ship arrival and departure events determined?

We register ship arrival and departure based on ship location. This may create small discrepancies between the MARINELINK-Fleet arrival and departure times and other measurement methods you might use (such as crew logging ramp up or ramp down).

Can you provide forecast information on upcoming journeys as well as live and historic analysis?

This is a feature we’re working on. The planned feature will forecast schedule performance and passenger comfort levels based on weather forecasts up to 48 hours in advance.


Which internet browser works best with MARINELINK-Fleet?

MARINELINK-Fleet has been tested on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge. We recommend Google Chrome for best performance.

Help! I’m lost! How do I get back to the Fleet View?

Click the Austal logo from anywhere within the MARINELINK-Fleet app and you will be taken back to your Fleet View.

How far back can I look at historical information in the Journey History?

Journeys back to the start of your organisation’s MARINELINK-Fleet trial are stored. Data more than 12-months old may not visible within the dashboards but can be re-activated on request.

What format do I need to provide schedule information in?

Ferry schedule information can be provided in any format you have available. Our schedule import team will do the rest.

My ferry’s operating schedule changed. How can I update the schedule in MARINELINK-Fleet?

Please email support@marinelinkfleet.com with any updates. It's usually easiest for ferry operators to add us to the email list they use to update other third parties, such as booking agents, when schedule changes occur.

Can I use MARINELINK-Fleet even if I don’t have information on which ship will be operating on which route for each sailing?

Very soon. We are currently working on a system to auto-detect which ships are sailing on which routes. So even if the ship to route assignment isn’t available in the schedule you will still be able to view your fleet in MARINELINK-Fleet and track schedule performance.

I’ve got a great idea for a new feature – how can I get this included in MARINELINK-Fleet?

You can email featurerequest@marinelinkfleet.com. Note that you can also access this email (and the support email) from the question mark button in the bottom left of the MARINELINK-Fleet app.

Something went wrong and I received an error… what now?

Please let us know at support@marinelinkfleet.com so we can fix it! A refresh of your browser is often a good immediate fix.

Do you any other tips to get the most out of MARINELINK-Fleet?

Just a couple. Depending on the size of your screen you may need to adjust the browser zoom level to view all the data correctly. Underlined items are links to other pages. And the buttons near the top right (e.g. “Ship View”) can also be used to navigate between pages. Have fun!