Ferry. Effective.

Cloud based software for ferry operations managers to capture, analyse and act on their ships schedule performance, customer comfort whilst reducing wasted fuel.

Ferry. Effective

Putting you at the centre of your ferry operations

A maritime operations management system built specifically for ferry operators.

Bring together ship location, schedule and local weather in one easy-to-use web-based interface.

Uncover operational issues in realtime or use historical data to improve your ontime performance, passenger experience and your profits.

Live fleet location and detailed weather views

Integrated schedule, comfort and fuel performance tracking

Smart estimated time of arrival

Historical journey analysis


Why Ferry Operators Choose Us

Real Time Fleet Visibility

See your entire fleet at a glance and access real-time insights to asses your fleet's performance and continue to improve your journey operations and economics.

  • Live fleet location
  • Schedule KPI tracking
  • Predictive ETA powered by machine learning

Business Intelligence

Unify your fleet's data all in one place to accurately identify trends, conduct in-depth analysis and reports so you and your operations team can better control your fleet and provide feedback to crew.

Collect data from AIS, or onboard integrations to run custom analysis based on the metrics that matter to you.

  • Analyse your fleet's performance over time
  • Deep dive into your operations by ship or their journeys
  • Use periodic reporting to track KPIs and beat them
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MARINELINK-Fleet is a product of Austal

For 30 years, Austal has been designing, constructing and supporting innovative commercial vessels for the world’s leading operators.

Acknowledged as the global leader in aluminium shipbuilding, Austal offers a broad range of customised high-speed passenger ferry, vehicle passenger ferry, offshore and windfarm vessel solutions.

The company is proud to have developed some of the world’s most iconic ships, including the worlds’ largest trimaran passenger ferry and continues to redefine maritime excellence through innovative design and quality construction.

Our Offerings

Product Suite

Shipload of Tools

Capture. Analyse. Act

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A Simple Plugin

This is a simple plug and play device which enables you to track the comfort of your passengers in real-time.

Popular Features

  • Passenger Comfort and Sickness Tracking
  • Real Time Performance Alerts
  • Accurate Location
  • Easy Setup

A Smart Integration

This is an advanced smart ship advisory system. Machine learning algorithms provide ferry crews with real-time advice on trim, RPM and route to reduce fuel consumption and improve passenger comfort.

Popular Features

  • Continuous Fully Integrated Data Monitoring at Sea and Ashore
  • Constantly Learning Machine Intelligence
  • Up to Two Million Data Points
  • Onboard Trim & RPM Advice

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