Unify Your Data

Live Fleet View

See your entire fleet at a glance in one location. Ship performance against schedule is clearly highlighted along with smart machine learning powered ETA. This means operations managers can identify and manage operations in realtime.

Access Weather information anywhere along the route of your ship so you can jump in and act as necessary.

  • Live fleet status & schedule
  • Predictive ETA
  • Weather overlays  
  • Real time event alerts

Journey Analysis

Isolate a particular ship in your fleet to understand it's current and historical performance over a 48 hour period.

  • Analyse your ship's ontime performance over time
  • Deep dive into speed profile, wave height and other metrics
  • Identify trends and establish KPIs for your fleet

Customisations & Integrations

Further to the standard views we are able to customise the platform to your operations based on your workflows.

  • Customise the dashboards to present metrics that matter to you
  • Easily aggregate data from external sources
  • Unify your entire fleet operations in one location

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